‍We are a comprehensive engineering services carried out by the people who make up SAVIA.

SAVIA is an engineering company whose capital is 100% private, we have a client portfolio formed entirely by companies in the private sector.

This is why, so that PeopleSavias are the center of all our actions and we take care of them to the maximum so that they take care of our customers.

Incorporation of the company and purchase of 50% of the CORA cogeneration project.
We started the activity of maintenance of general and production facilities and we got our first customer. A client that we still have today and with whom we have grown very significantly in the range of services and in the people we have made available.
We start up our 5.5 Mwe cogeneration plant and expand the range of services offered to our customers by offering, in addition to maintenance, the construction of new installations and the dismantling & relocation of factories.

We acquire 100% of the capital of the company "Diseños Electrónicos", which specializes in process engineering, industrial automation and dismantling of installations.
We acquired 100% ownership of CORA Cogeneración.
Conseguimos pasar el año de Pandemia sin tener que recurrir a la figura de los ERTE.
We acquired 100% of the capital of Energea, a company specialized in Engineering and Energy Consulting.


Our reason for existing is to be an integral engineering company in which the center of all our actions are the people, the customers, the suppliers and society in general and that, with the fruit of our work and with God's help, we are able to contribute to a better world.


We want to be seen and remembered in the business world as the engineering reference in the sector. For being the best company, as a travel partner to develop projects with high added value, thanks to the professional and human quality of Savias people.

Our philosophy

Our objectives as a company are:

To render our services in an ethical and legal manner, always having God as our guide in all our actions.

And that, all Savia's people are equal in rights and obligations.

In SAVIA we have a very clear orientation and vocation towards people.

First: People

We are always surrounded by people: family, friends, company, etc. Therefore, we have to put the well-being of people before any other material thing that may exist.

Second: Vocation of People

We are 100% convinced that this vocation for people is the guarantee for a better world.

SAVIA's Founders

This way of thinking and acting is what the founders of SAVIA have inherited from our ancestors: first of all we are people and secondly we are entrepreneurs.


SAVIA is an excellent travel companion for our Customers.

  • Highly qualified team to support you throughout the entire process: project managers, mechanical and electrical engineers, automators and assembly and installation personnel.
  • We actively collaborate with our customers to offer the best solution to their needs.
  • We have our own Industrial Engineering department for the study, calculation and design of all types of projects related to our areas of activity.
  • We offer our customers a large team of people with a high degree of professionalism and versatility without forgetting the human quality.

Solid company

We are a solid and large company, with equity of more than 3.8 million €.

More than 30 years of experience

We have more than 30 years of experience in our areas of activity and in almost all sectors of the Spanish GDP.

Extensive portfolio of services

SAVIA offers its clients a wide range of services, all of them with high added value.

Our Company

In SAVIA we have a very flat organizational structure with the objective of being closer to our Customers, Suppliers and PeopleSaviors.

SAVIA is organized in two areas:

- Back office where the departments of Administration & Finance, ICT, People & Values, Procurement, Quality and Marketing are located.

- Front office where we find the Commercial and Operations departments.

The Operations Dept. is organized into divisions, headed by a Division Manager. We have as many divisions as we offer services and products.

Savia representatives implement the company's strategy in their geographic area, ensuring the productivity of Savia people and meeting the needs of Clients. They are the most responsible for Savia in their area and coordinate with managers and project managers to detect and address the needs of Clients within Savia.

Under each Division Manager are the Project Managers who are responsible for executing, with their team of foremen and officers, all the projects that have been awarded to SAVIA.

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