Disassembly and relocation of factories.

We have experience in all production processes and carry out this service both nationally and internationally.

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Savia is an engineering company specialized in the disassembly, relocation and assembly of all types of factories or production equipment in their final location, we have experience in all production processes and we carry out this service both nationally and internationally.

Due to the production needs of our Clients, and in order to adapt to the market reality, many of them are forced to move their entire factory from the current location to a new site.

Or for production needs, they need to carry out lay-out changes that involve moving machines or production lines.
Savia carries out a total or partial relocation, integrally planning it in such a way that the daily production activity of the Client is affected as little as possible.


Lay-out changes

At Savia we are aware that factories are “alive” and need, with some frequency, to move machines or production lines to adapt them to their changing production needs.

We have extensive experience in the internal movement of machines, planning the work in such a way that the productive activity of our customers is not affected.


Under strict performance processes, we are specialized in the disassembly, relocation, assembly and start-up of machines, production lines or complete factories.

Extensive experience in national and international relocations: United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Colombia, France, Germany, Mexico, India, China...

We carry out all our actions in accordance with the Engineering and Operations Management in order to coordinate our work with the operational programming of our Clients.


Turnkey service consisting of :

- Identification and labeling.
- Initial location and location at destination point
- Disconnection of energies
- Mechanical disassembly
- Disassembly of structures
- Loading and transport to destination
- Preparation of all installations and connections
- Placement of structures and mechanical assembly
- Connection to the power grid
- Dismantling of structures.
- Loading and transport to destination.
- Preparation of all the installations and connections.
- Connection of energies.
- Technical adjustments of operation.
- Start-up.
- Technical assistance to the production during the time required by the client.

Relevant aspects


We work under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

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Actions at local and international level.
We work under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.
Turnkey projects.
Structures, bedplates, support elements, alignment and leveling.
We adapt the facilities in the new locations.
CR insurance in excess of €3,000,000.
Lay-out changes in the same plant or in a new location.
Schedules adapted to the needs of our Clients.
Adaptation of machines to new production lines.
Execution of all the connections for energy supply.
Making of electrical panels of machines.
Software backups and equipment reset.
We have all kinds of tools and lifting equipment.
Preparation of a specific Occupational Risk Prevention Plan.
Traslados de fábricas completas.
Movimiento de líneas de producción debidas a cambios de lay – out.
Planificamos los trabajos de forma que cause la mínima incidencia en la producción diaria.
Servicio “llaves en mano” consistente en:
Identificación y etiquetado / Ubicación inicial y ubicación en punto de destino / Desconexión de energías / Desmontaje mecánico / Desmontaje de estructuras / Carga y transporte a destino / Preparación de todas las instalaciones y acometidas / Colocación de estructuras y montaje mecánico / Conexionado de energías / Ajustes técnicos de funcionamiento / Puesta en marcha / Asistencia técnica a la producción durante el tiempo requerido por el cliente.
Disponemos de todo tipo de herramientas y medios de elevación y movimiento de máquinas.
Acuerdos marco con las principales empresas transportistas especializadas.
En caso necesario se realizan transportes a vertederos especializados.
Adaptación de máquinas e instalaciones a su nueva ubicación
Disponemos un seguro de Responsabilidad Civil de 3.000.000 €
Elaboración de un Plan de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales específico.
Amplia experiencia en traslados nacionales e internacionales: Reino Unido, Polonia, Hungría, Colombia, Francia, Alemania, México, India, China…




Years of Experience



SAVIA'S People




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Dismantling, relocation and installation of an important French multinational company.

This project has been carried out following the standards set by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 regulations in which Grupo Savia is certified.

Lay Out Change and Lean Manufacturing Simón

Barcelona, Spain

The multinational company Simón, present in more than 90 countries, has awarded Grupo Savia an important project for the dismantling, relocation and implementation of a new plant layout change.



Dismantling and relocation of factories in Sphere

Sphere, leader in the market of biodegradable and compostable bags, has entrusted Grupo Savia with the transfer of its production plant from its current location in Utebo (Zaragoza) to the new 32,000 m2 facilities that the multinational has built 30 km away in the town of Pedrola, also in Zaragoza.


Disassemblies & Factory Relocations

Extensive experience in national and international transfers: Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Colombia, France, Mexico, India, China.

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