Industrial Automation

Manufacture of special machinery. We automate production process.

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Experts in Industrial Automation.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the Industrial Automation sector during which we have developed systems and processes exclusively for our customers.

We carry out complete "key-in-hand" projects in sectors such as the automotive auxiliary and end-of-line.

  • Qualified team to support the entire process: mechanical and electrical engineers, project managers, automation specialists and programmers.
  • We actively collaborate with our customers to offer the best solution to their needs.
  • Personnel trained in additive printing and efficient design. We carry out studies to improve the morphology of parts and weight reduction, as well as reverse engineering. In addition to having several partners with equipment capable of printing with the vast majority of current technologies, we have four of our own FDM additive printing equipment.
  • Thanks to the company's philosophy, all members of the team have a great capacity for service and excellence. We follow exhaustively the machinery safety regulations.
  • Thanks to the different areas of the company, we can complement your project with services such as preventive and corrective maintenance, monitoring of the installation in real time, supply of any spare material, etc.


We offer you the most technically advanced and sustainable solution to automate your industrial process.

Study, design, implementation and start-up of production lines or assembly equipment, with turnkey solutions.

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Complete component assembly solutions.
We design self-supporting stations.
Automated systems with rotary tables.
Component assembly lines.
We design systems with oval circuits.
Machining stations.
We design soldering stations.
Special equipment and tools.
Test equipment and test benches.
FMS assembly lines.
Robotic cells.
Semi-automatic workstations.
Flexible, fully automated lines.
We design the line concept that best fits the product and machine cadence required by our customer.


Robotic cells.

Engineering and manufacturing of customized, highly robust robotic cells for handling, pick & place, welding or palletizing. Implementation of versatile cells that allow to obtain a high productivity in a reduced space. We also design the most suitable gripper for each application, in a turnkey project.

Rotary machines.

Design and implementation of equipment designed for mass production of components, with a reduced number of operations, improving productivity and reducing human errors. Savia also implements systems for better connectivity and data collection towards Industry 4.0, allowing greater flexibility in production.

We design oval circuit machines

We develop fully automated lines for the assembly of components involving a large number of workstations and high production rate using handling equipment, screwing, dosing, riveting, pressing, feeding parts. In these lines we can also offer the management and traceability of the entire production process.

Flexible Modular System

The maintenance of this equipment is critical to avoid accidents and to guarantee energy efficiency and a long useful life, complying with the established safety and emission regulations, in Savia we are specialized in the maintenance of equipment as well as energy saving techniques.

Línea de ensamblado de componentes

Thanks to the experience we have, we study lines for the assembly of components, providing our customers with ideas to improve their production processes in both existing and new projects. We evaluate the technologies to be integrated as well as concepts such as safety, ergonomics, traceability, available spaces, material circulation, layouts... We always design these lines so that our customers obtain the highest possible performance and performance ratios from them.

Machining stations

We design and build robotic cells for loading and unloading applications of parts on machine tools (CNC's and lathes). We make applications for the machining of parts by means of robotic cells.

Test equipment and test benches

We make test benches to meet the most demanding quality requirements of our customers. Among them, we make HVT test benches to perform electronic tests (dielectric strength, ohmic resistance and impedance), test benches to check the service life of mechanically stressed parts and test benches to check fluid leaks.


Do you need to automate your production process?

We offer complete solutions for the packaging sector, whether in the handling, assembly or palletizing areas.

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Complete turnkey packaging solutions.
Individual equipment and complete technical installations for packaging and palletizing.
Automatic depalletizers.
Robotized case forming and closing.
Supply of spare parts.
Integration of all types of peripherals, wrapping machines, strapping machines, labeling machines, dosing and weighing equipment.
Case erectors and case sealers with seal, HotMelt and gummed paper.
Cartesian or robotic custom fitting.
Robotic cells for palletizing.
Robotic cells for palletizing.
Manufacturing of conveyors, light and heavy handling.
Integration of all types of peripherals, wrapping machines, strapping machines, labeling machines, dosing and weighing equipment, etc...
Preventive and corrective maintenance of our systems.
Own SAT.


Depalletizing systems

We design both robotic and conventional systems. Adapting to the productive characteristics and morphology of the product to be introduced in the line.


We design pallet dispensers for any size, quarter pallets, half pallets, euro, American, CP3 and special large format pallets.

special heads

Designed for every need, adapting to the different products and productions of our customers. Versatile, robust, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing heads.

Forming and closing machine (robotic version).

Sealing by seal, hot melt or gummed paper. For more complex and versatile applications we design robotic systems, including final palletizing.

Specialists in Pick & Place for case packing of a multitude of products.

En muchas ocasiones combinado tecnologías como la visión y tracking en encoders transportador o sistemas Bin Picking 3D.

Cartesian or robotic case packing systems.

Product handling, forming, grouping, insertion with special heads and case closing.


Make Savia your reliable supplier from product feeding at the beginning of your production line to automatic packing and palletizing at the end of the line to ensure the traceability of your products.


Robotic palletizing of all types of products: boxes, banded packs, carafes, sacks, cans, drums, etc... Combined with our pallet dispensers and gripper's for pallet placement, separator trays, interlayers, slip sheets.

Implementation systems with collaborative robotics.

Savia offers the possibility of automating your case packing or palletizing processes by applying collaborative robotics, easily programmable, transportable and compact equipment that in some cases allows the cancellation of safety fences.

Integration of other equipment.

Light and heavy handling, robotic labeling of pallets and boxes, integration of all types of peripherals (labelers, stretch wrappers, strapping machines, metal detection, scales, volumetrics, etc...).

Case Packing and Palletizing Line

We were asked to design, manufacture and commission an installation for the automatic packing and palletizing of their gastronorm trays.

➡️ In this project, the bags, which are currently placed individually in each of the trays for ecological reasons, have been replaced by an HM dosing system that applies a small amount of glue to the ends of the trays to prevent them from scratching.

Restoring | Palletizing of boxes

Recovery of a case palletizing plant originally commissioned in 2001, with robot memory expansion, reprogramming and electrical control modernization.

👉🏼 Adaptation of new separator carton and slip sheet magazines, modification of the pallet dispenser with the incorporation of new sizes.

👉🏼 Cleaning, polishing, greasing and maintenance work on the existing conveyors, new fencing and safety barriers.




We perform custom design of all types of machines and equipment. We adapt to the customer's needs, the space available in its production plant, its specific objectives, technical or budgetary limitations, among other aspects.



In Grupo Savia, we have strengthened our team of technicians specialized in SAT. With measures such as: Evaluation of the state of the installations with remote assistance for incidents in the production lines.



We work with the objective of delivering on time the projects entrusted to us, providing each client with a manager for this purpose, as well as all the necessary resources and means at their disposal.



We work to achieve excellence and meet the quality standards, achieving the satisfaction of our customers and providing them, given our experience in the sector, a great added value.

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Depalletizing, palletizing of trays.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the industrial automation sector during which we have developed systems and processes exclusively for our customers.

We carry out turnkey projects both in industrial automation and packaging.

Injection molding machine.

We present a case of success that our Industrial Automation team carried out. A company dedicated to the specialization in technical and precision parts of medium and high production with automated process, since 1977 located in Barcelona.

Clients who trust SAVIA.

Mr. Planchart, the technical director of Vollrath Pujadas, tells us about the experience he had collaborating with us. We made a packing line for Gastronorm trays.

As customers they had very specific needs, and Grupo Savia has adapted perfectly to provide the best solution, being environmentally friendly and careful with their product.

We are here to help you with your project

Contact us for any need you may have in any of our service areas, Energy Engineering, Industrial Maintenance, Industrial Automation, Installations, Disassemblies or Digital Transformation.