Integral maintenance of general and production facilities.

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We offer a technical, integral maintenance service carried out by PersonasSavias, trained in each of the services we offer and with the most advanced means.

Apostamos por la innovación tecnológica de
todos nuestros servicios y productos que son desarrollados por un equipo humano de la
mejor calidad personal y profesional.

We give maximum importance to Predictive and Preventive maintenance with the aim of minimizing Corrective maintenance. We can perform an online control of all your installations, 24 hours a day, from anywhere.

Types of Maintenance


Hand in hand with digital transformation and innovation in Savia. We monitor vibration, temperature, pressure or electric current parameters among others, anticipating maintenance actions and minimizing downtime and optimizing the operational efficiency of facilities or equipment.


With the implementation of CMMS, and the maintenance ranges of the hand of transformation and digital innovation in Savia, we monitor vibration, temperature, pressure or electric current parameters among others, anticipating maintenance actions and minimizing time.


With a highly specialized human team, we carry out the rectification of the defects observed through preventive maintenance, and that are causing a malfunction in the facilities or a lower performance in them.


The priority of every company is the production, the conductive maintenance is the best guarantee for the productive process. Savia performs all those operations that allow to maintain the installations in perfect conditions of continuity and making immediate interventions according to requirements.


At Savia we carry out legal preventive maintenance with the administrative completion of all the procedures referred to in the rules and regulations of the installations and their equipment, which are the object of the contract, under state, regional or local regulations.


In Total Productive Maintenance, we at Savia manage the continuous improvement of industrial equipment and processes in order to reduce unplanned downtime and maximize production.

Installations we maintain

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Industrial Maintenance

Process machinery.
Pneumatic installations.
Hydraulic installations.
Robotized installations.
Mechanical installations.
Industrial refrigeration.

Mantenimiento de edificios

Integral management of energy production plants.
Remote control system.
Integration with maintenance operations.
Replacement of materials.
Periodic energy efficiency reports.

Tertiary maintenance

Air conditioning

Climate control maintenance is essential to guarantee a healthy indoor environment, as well as to extend the useful life of the equipment and reduce operating costs. At Savia, we carry out the integral management of this service both at a predictive and preventive level with highly qualified personnel.

Redes de fluidos

Proper maintenance prevents costly problems, minimizing the risk of dangerous leaks and prolonging the life of pipes and pipelines. At Savia, we implement proper maintenance programs that include activities such as pressure testing, leak testing and pipeline integrity assessment.

Electricity: HV/MV/LV

It is of fundamental importance to comply with the electrical safety regulations and standards applied at each level. In Savia, we have the appropriate control equipment and measures, making a detailed technical report of the anomalies detected and corrective measures to that effect if necessary.


El mantenimiento en estos equipos es crítico, para evitar accidentes y poder garantizar una eficiencia energética y una vida útil prolongada, cumpliendo con las regulaciones de seguridad y emisiones establecidas.
En Savia estamos especializados en el mantenimiento de equipos así como las técnicas de ahorro energético a tal efecto.


Fire protection systems are essential to protect lives and properties, their design and maintenance must comply with specific safety regulations and standards. In Savia, we maintain with highly qualified personnel both detection, alarm and extinguishing installations, complying with current regulations.


Maquinaria de procesos

Instalaciones robotizadas.

Instalaciones hidráulicas.

Instalaciones hidráulicas.

Instalaciones mecánicas.


Industrial maintenance

Process machinery

The main objective is to minimize unplanned production time and failure prevention, in order to maximize productivity and product quality.

At Savia, through our maintenance engineering we define each of the maintenance ranges at predictive and preventive level in order to optimize the functionality of the production lines.

Pneumatic installations

It is crucial to prevent air loss, equipment malfunction and energy efficiency decrease in pneumatic installations. To do so, it is necessary to focus on pneumatic maintenance in accordance with the operating installations.

Hydraulic installations

Regular inspections, pressure testing, filter replacement, seal and gasket replacement are some of the essential actions to prevent costly and dangerous problems such as fluid leaks.

At Savia, the regular approach of preventive actions and proper maintenance planning help us to extend the service life and ensure equipment functionality.

Robotized installations

With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of automated processes, in different sectors of the industry.

In Savia we accompany this service with the maintenance and programming of any industrial automation solution, implementing a maintenance service in order to minimize unplanned production stops.

Mechanical installations

In the industry, the maintenance of mechanical installations is the fundamental pillar to ensure efficient operation and guarantee its optimal performance.  At Grupo Savia, we are committed to being your reliable partner in the maintenance of mechanical installations, with a highly trained team, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and extending the durability of equipment, constantly seeking opportunities for improvement.

Industrial Refrigeration

In addition to complying with environmental regulations, with actions such as environmentally friendly refrigerant recharge, it is necessary to take preventive actions such as alignment and balancing, regular inspection, cleaning, verification of compressors, evaporators and fans... In Savia we carry out industrial refrigeration maintenance in different sectors of industry, food, logistics, pharmaceuticals.

SAVIA Highlights

Preponderance of preventive maintenance.
Computerized management through  GMAO software.
Innovation & Digital Transformation applied to maintenance.
24 hours / 365 days technical assistance service.
Multi-skilled and constantly trained personnel.
Spare parts management.
Management of other subcontracted companies.
Reversion Plan. We offer the possibility of incorporating into our company, those people who are performing maintenance at the customer's facilities and the customer decides to outsource it.

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