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SAVIA offers energy solutions of all energy vectors in buildings or factories in order to save costs, obtain economic and environmental benefits ensuring at all times the continuity and quality of supply.

From the Engineering Area, we offer design services and executive control of the following engineering areas:

- Renewable Energy Projects: photovoltaic, cogeneration, biomass, etc.

- Electrical Projects in LV and MV Efficiency Projects in Lighting and Ventilation in highways, electric vehicle.

- Electric vehicle recharging points projects.

- Air Conditioning: Heating / Cooling.


The main mission of Savia's energy engineering & consulting division is to propose solutions aimed at ensuring that the costs of your energy supplies, whether water, gas or electricity, have the least possible impact on your profit and loss accounts.

We manage our clients' energy vectors from the moment the first kW/h or m3 enters their facilities until the energy is consumed in the activity.

energy consulting

The consulting services are aimed at proposing to customers all those solutions aimed at:

Diagnosis y Auditorías energéticas.
Implantación ISO 50001 y Auditorias internas para el seguimiento de la ISO 50001.
Certificación energética obligatoria y voluntaria.


Strategic energy contracting plans
Energy contracting management and tariff optimization
Electricity contract bids
Comparison of electricity contracting products

Other services

Lean Manufacturing
Monitoring 5.0 in industrial processes
International and collaborative R&D projects
Supervision of Radioactive Facilities
Elaboration of Maintenance Plans for industrial processes
Machine Learning


CORA COGENERACIÓN S.L. located in the town of Alzira (Valencia) is a company of the Savia Group that owns a cogeneration plant.CORA provides electrical and thermal energy services in different forms to the Australian multinational's factory.

AMCOR, performs printing on flexible material, the printing of the technique of “engraved hollow”.

The plant is based on a simple cycle trigeneration with natural gas turbogenerator whose main technical characteristics are:

Electrical power: 5.49 MW
Thermal power thermal oil: 3,70 MW
Steam generator: 5.4 - 11.2 t/h
Thermal power of double-acting LiBr absorption machines: 4.8 MW

SAVIA Energy Consulting

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Project Management & Project Finance

Integrated Management of Energy Projects and Power Plants (Design, Project Management, Investment, Construction, Operation and Maintenance).

Operation and Maintenance

Integral management of energy production plants.
Remote control system.
Integration with maintenance operations.
Replenishment of materials.
Periodic energy efficiency reports.

Ownership Modalities

Management of a customer-owned plant.
Purchase of energy production plants.
Total or partial investment in new installations or overhaul of engines and turbines.

renewable projects


It offers the service of implementation of SCADA Systems for industrial processes and Photovoltaic Parks.

Industrial Process: Implementation of SCADA systems for monitoring energy supplies and industrial process variables.




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Energy Services

Integral energy management with quality solutions and guarantee.
Improvement of company and product sustainability.
Implementation of Efficient Technical solutions adapted to the Client.
Implementation of Energy Audits.
ESE contracts in operation or operating leases.
Technical Studies and Improvements in Energy Consumption Systems.
Implementation in Energy Management Systems of ISO 50001.
Drafting of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects.
Processing of grants and subsidies.
Consultancy in electricity and gas contracting services.
Recruitment strategies.
Private bidding in energy supplies.
Proprietary and third-party ESCO contracts and operating leases.
CAE processing.

Our wide experience and the number of clients make SAVIA offer very competitive solutions and agreements for our Clients.

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Contact us if you need advice. Remember that we also offer Industrial Maintenance, Industrial Automation, Installations, Dismantling and Digital Transformation services.