Environmental Policy


SAVIA's Environmental Policy shows the Company's commitment to the defense of the environment and the promotion of sustainability.

The policy has as a priority the implementation of measures that ensure the prevention of the impact on the environment of the activities, products and services offered by the Company and, if this is not possible, to collect measures that contribute to the reduction of the impact of such actions.

The policy also promotes a culture to raise awareness of environmental impact among all SAVIA people and to contribute collectively to sustainable development.this policy develops the principles related to the proper functioning of SAVIA's internal governance.

At SAVIA we are convinced that our Corporate Governance Policy effectively helps to increase trust among all stakeholders related to SAVIA: SAVIA people, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and society in general.


Pollution prevention and preservation of natural resources.

SAVIA conducts its business in an environmentally conscious and pollution-preventing manner and is careful in the selection of the products and services it uses, thus optimizing the consumption of resources and reducing the creation of resources.


- Application of an active recycling methodology whereby all waste generated is divided and classified into categories for subsequent and correct recycling - Efficient waste management with approved waste managers in order to contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint.
- Waste control and management.
- Minimization of water, paper and energy consumption.
- Implementation of the “paper less” methodology and good energy and eco-efficient practices.
- Minimal waste generation in all SAVIA's areas of activity.
- Firm compliance with current legislation on environmental issues and adoption of measures for continuous improvement, setting periodic objectives verified through audits.


Pollution prevention and preservation of natural resources.

SAVIA makes an important effort in the implementation of energy efficiency projects, especially in terms of saving electricity consumption. In this sense, SAVIA promotes projects such as:

Environmental Policy Commitment to energy efficiency and water use.

Adoption of efficiency measures to reduce electricity consumption. Application of remote management tools for the management of the different energies consumed.

Promoting a culture of respect for the environment.

SAVIA is firmly committed to environmental protection. As a result, it fosters internal communication that promotes respect for the natural environment, including ecological awareness, among all the people who make up its team, as well as extending its values to its suppliers and the rest of the agents that make up its value chain.

Integration of the environment into the business.

SAVIA ensures the integration of environmentally responsible criteria in its internal processes, such as decision making and risk analysis in internal operations and investment, as well as in the management of the supply chain or other processes that may involve any type of environmental, energy or climate change-related impact.