Depaletized Candy Tray

Automatización Industrial
Depaletized Candy Tray

In Savia Group We are working for the immediate installation of a new line starter in our Client Suck Chup. It is a double automatic robotic depalletizer, for feeding candy trays to its multiple multi-flavor lines of bags, cubes, cases, etc.


The main objective transmitted by the Customer is to replace the hard work currently being done by plant operators, loading a very large number of heavy trays, collecting them at different heights (some of them very low and others very high) on the candy feeding hoppers to the mentioned multi-flavor lines.

Other objectives would be to increase production capacity, being able to achieve, with the intervention of the two robots, the depalletizing of up to 8 trays per minute and the elimination of human errors when choosing flavors and their product mix.


The installation will receive the work order that will allow you to choose flavors in each of the depalletizing positions, the hopper on which they must be deposited and the% of flavor mixture in each of the orders, being able to mix between 2 and 8 different flavors and in the proportions that are designated. The robots also dump the candies in layers throughout the space of the hopper, achieving a “lasagna” effect that guarantees the most homogeneous mixture.


As usual, this new installation will comply with current CE regulations, a sign of the quality and commitment of our qualified staff.


Savia designs, performs the assembly, wiring, electrical panel and PLC and Robot programming of all our facilities.


In the end, our main objective is to continue to maintain the satisfaction of our Clients, who repeat in our collaboration. And we, to return the trust they give us by successfully completing large projects.

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