Double Automatic Line with multiformat and independent palletizing.

Automatización Industrial
Double Automatic Line with multiformat and independent palletizing.

➡️ In #GrupoSavia we are excited to present our latest line made by the department of #Automatización Industrial.

We are talking about a double automatic line with multiformat and independent palletizing and is now ready to be assembled at the Customer's home.

Our team has worked very closely to bring this project to a successful conclusion and we will tell you what it consists of:

📋 This is a double line of multiformat configurable from the screen, which offers total versatility, working independently and completes the processes with automatic palletizing.

⚙ The integration of robots FANUC Iberia , servomotors of Festus Spain and variators of Danfoss highlights the quality of our product and our focus on reliable and effective solutions.

We are proud of the transformative potential of this machine, which will make our customers' operations more efficient and productive.

📈 This milestone marks a significant step toward a more automated and efficient future.

We're excited to continue collaborating with companies that share our vision of automation.

➡️ Discover how our engineering can take your business to the next level by finding tailor-made solutions!

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