One More Year of Hits 2023

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One More Year of Hits 2023

Thanks to the efforts of all Savias people and the trust of our Customers and suppliers, Grupo Savia closed 2023 with a turnover of more than 40 million euros.

The increase in turnover has occurred in all our areas of activity:

•Industrial Automation.


•Dismantling and Transfer of Factories.

•Energy Engineering and Consulting.

•General and Production Facilities.

•Industrial and Tertiary Maintenance.

•Innovation & Digital Transformation.

To provide all these services, Grupo Savia has more than 400 Savias people, in three branches of Catalonia, Madrid and Levante.

We are pleased to announce that Grupo Savia has distributed 30% of the profits obtained during this year, which has ended, to Savia people and different NGOs.

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