Corporate Governance Policy


SAVIA's Corporate Governance Policy is the guide that should serve the company's management so that the company is managed and controlled in an effective, ethical and responsible manner.

This Policy develops the principles related to the proper functioning of SAVIA's internal governance. In SAVIA we are convinced that our Corporate Governance Policy helps, in an effective way, to increase trust among all stakeholders that relate to SAVIA: SAVIA people, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and society in general.


Some of our benchmarks that guide us in the development of our Human Rights Policy and that guide our daily activities are, among others:

- To be a people-centered company. Our Corporate Governance Policy aims to achieve our main objective: to be a people-centered company. People are the company's most important asset and we must be guided in all our actions by the search for the professional and personal growth of all our employees. The Corporate Governance Policy can also help to ensure that SAVIA is transparent in our financial, economic, commercial information, etc. and to act responsibly towards all our stakeholders.

- Seeking the trust of all stakeholders. An effective Corporate Governance Policy helps to enhance the confidence of all stakeholders in SAVIA's management. Acting in accordance with SAVIA's Code of Ethics. Our Corporate Governance Policy also helps to ensure that SAVIA complies, in addition to our Code of Ethics, with applicable ethical and legal standards.

- Improve reputation. A solid Corporate Governance Policy can help improve SAVIA's reputation and enhance our relationship with all stakeholders.

- Improve SAVIA's efficiency and profitability. A sound Corporate Governance Policy helps ensure informed and responsible decision making at SAVIA, which can improve the company's long-term efficiency and profitability.


SAVIA's Corporate Governance Policy is based on SAVIA's own corporate values that express our commitment to corporate governance, business ethics and sustainability, as well as on the best practices of good governance.

These principles guide the actions of the shareholders and the members of the Management Committee in all their actions performed by, for and on behalf of SAVIA.

The Corporate Governance Policy has the following objectives:

- Transparencia en la información.

- Ensure compliance with current legislation.

- Ensure that SAVIA has a clear organizational structure, with well-defined, transparent and consistent lines of responsibility.

- Ensure that best practices in sustainability are adopted.

- To ensure the suitability, honorability, professionalism and independence of criteria of the members of the Management Committee.

- Guarantee SAVIA's commitment to comply with the Company's Code of Conduct.

- Consolidate the drive for innovation, development and continuous improvement to achieve maximum quality.

- To guarantee the economic commitment to the society around us by making financial contributions to NGOs or foundations.

- To guarantee equal treatment for all Savia's people.