Air Conditioning Installation at Hotel in Barcelona

Air Conditioning Installation at Hotel in Barcelona

From Grupo Savia, we are carrying out the air conditioning installations of one of the most prestigious hotels in the center of Barcelona.

The renovation is being completed with the hotel in full operation, with an eye to minimizing the impact that a project of this magnitude can have on the ordinary operation of the hotel.

The purpose of the project is to achieve an energy classification that meets the most demanding standards in the hospitality industry.

As part of this project, we are implementing a series of measures to improve the building's energy efficiency:

- Replacement of the 255 air conditioning fan coils in the rooms: We are replacing old equipment with new, highly energy efficient equipment, which will not only improve customer comfort, but will also significantly reduce the hotel's energy consumption. We are replacing old equipment with new, highly energy efficient equipment.

- Installation of new chilled and hot water pumping units with variable flow: We are incorporating water pumping systems with the ability to adjust according to demand, which will allow a more efficient use of energy and better temperature regulation throughout the building.

- Implementation of a plant for the production of domestic hot water with heat pumps and refrigeration recovery: Installation of a hot water production plant that uses heat pumps with refrigeration recovery technology. Not only will this reduce energy consumption, but it will also minimize environmental impact by taking advantage of renewable energy sources.

- Centralized Control System Innovation: We are incorporating cutting-edge technology for intelligent energy management throughout the building. This includes centralized control systems that will optimize the operation of the equipment and allow monitoring of energy consumption.

These actions are designed not only to minimize the building's carbon footprint, but also to ensure that hotel customers can enjoy an optimal level of comfort during their stay.

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