Conveyors for manual assembly of Interior Furniture

Automatización Industrial
Conveyors for manual assembly of Interior Furniture

From Savia we have just delivered one of our last installations of end of line automation. This is a set of PVC belt conveyors for moving furniture at low speed.


During the route, the different operators of the line work inside the conveyors, placing the necessary hardware and elements that can only be placed manually.


One of the main challenges of the project was to adapt to the location space of the equipment, having to create a “U” shaped design with a specific guided trolley, designed and manufactured, by our Department of Engineering and Automation.

The installation includes 2 pit lifting platforms that raise or lower the furniture as needed, adapting the working height to the operators. Ergonomics is one of the main ideas in which Savia works hard on all his projects. An end-of-line strapping machine is also included, which, at the exit of the packaging machine, provides each of the packages with the necessary strength for transport.


A new challenge overcome by our team of Engineering and Automation with a scheduled delivery coordinated with the rest of the solution providers. Sap, has completed the design, manufacture, assembly, transfer, start-up and training of the operation of the solution, delivering to the customer a Turnkey project.


After this last success story, we invite you to discover what Savia It can offer you in the automation of your line endings.

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